Karine Jean-Paul

Karine Jean-Paul

Residential and Commercial Real Estate Broker

REMAX Tranquilli-T
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Know that it is her way of innovating in her real estate transactions that has helped her to stand out from her very beginnings in real estate. Are you looking for a property? Karine cares about searching until you find it! With Karine, you will receive a platinum service!

Proactive, she takes the lead with confidence and great mind. Ms. Jean-Paul is experienced in targeting people's needs with precision and instinct. Listening, dedication and determination are the driving forces behind the work she does with her heart.“I guide my clients through all stages, in both their residential and commercial projects, for me, a real estate broker is more than someone who finds what you are looking for or who sells your property, it is THE resource that makes the difference in a transaction. I chose RE / MAX because it is the "crème de la crème" and what I offer as a service to my clients meets the high standards of the banner, and I am very proud of it.

"Her playing field is big and that's thanks to all the credentials she receives. Proud to be one of the recipients of the Prestige Trophy in 2019 and to have achieved the Hall of Fame award in 2020, she does not hide the honors she receives, because they are the fruit of the efforts devoted to her clients.“The competitiveness of the real estate market requires a quick reaction, hence the importance of being available, being there to answer questions and to follow up. In addition, she is an outstanding negotiator. It's often forgotten, but the sale of one property leads to the purchase of another and I make it a priority to make sure everything goes well. My mission is the satisfaction of my customers, I do not decrease my enthusiasm until I have achieved and even exceeded expectations. "Karine often repeats it to her clients: she builds relationships. She has always believed that "everyone has their home" and it is no coincidence that we often hear that with Karine, the stars always align...

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Karine Jean-Paul

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