Perry Bond

Perry Bond

Certified Real Estate Broker

EDUCATION: I studied in administration (finance option D.E.C). I obtained my real estate broker's license in September 1992. Thereafter, I complete my training to hold the title of Chartered Real Estate Broker. Over the years, I have taken several training courses, such as: Income property, real estate management, computer and office automation, real estate agency management and a continuing education course on real estate brokerage.  Also, year after year I participate in seminars on the real estate market and on the investment of income properties, in order to be always well informed and up to date on this vast market. You will benefit from my skills and expertise in order to obtain MAX/MAX results.

JOBS: My first job was as an accountant and I subsequently held additional positions in marketing, purchasing, personnel management and sales training. This experience led me to work as a manager in the wholesale and retail field. Consequently, my experiences and training have greatly helped me to succeed in the real estate brokerage field.

INVESTOR: Born to investor parents and who allowed my widowed mother to retire at age 42, I was the eldest in the family who helped her with her income properties. For over 20 years I have also been an owner investor. I have the knowledge and expertise to help you, advise you before, during and after your first investment or if you have already taken the first steps... You wish to invest to obtain financial independence take advantage of my experience for a MAX/ maximum success.

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Perry Bond

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