Choosing our team means first and foremost choosing brokers whose priority is your interests and those of your family. From affordable homes to prestigious residences and condominiums, we offer you the same dynamism and dedication, whether you're buying or selling. We're here to help.


When Steve McKenzie set up his team, his vision was to surround himself with people who shared his human values. People who would listen to their customers and make them their priority. People who understand the importance of integrity and honesty, and who know how to build relationships. Brokers who are open-minded and tactful, and who know how to collaborate with all the players in the real estate industry. The team is making every effort to make this important event a pleasant and calm experience.The team would also like to take this opportunity to thank its customers for their loyalty, for building a reputation and maintaining it for many generations is their greatest source of pride. Indeed, the importance of creating lasting, respectful relationships with each and every one of their customers is paramount. For them, your word-of-mouth is the source of their success, and with them, customers make their dreams come true, without it costing them a penny more. Their customers benefit from the experience and availability of three real estate brokers.The real estate business is changing, and brokers who want to stand out from the crowd need to do so now.


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